Welcome to BeYonde International Trading.

BeYonde Ltd is a premium supplier of cooling agents and aromatic ingredients, as well as a distributor of food and non-food products by our outstanding network and sales channels .With the help of outstanding professional contacts and premier clients, BeYonde Ltd. establishes the leading position in the professional market in both Europe and East Asia.

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We are supported by:

Full Membership Award of UK Flavour Association

The UK Flavour Association represents the interests of the flavouring industry in the UK. It is the leading organisation dealing with the legislative and technical needs of the industry and is active in Europe through its membership of the European Flavour Association, EFFA. EFFA is in turn a member of the International Organisation of the Flavouring Industry IOFI which represents the industry on a global basis.
It was formed in 1917 as the British Essence Manufacturers’ Association, changing its name in 2012 to reflect the wider membership that now play a role in the Association. The association currently represents 30 company members.
Now BeYonde Ltd is the qualified full member of UK Flavour Association and really glad to share the industry information and news together with other members. We regard this as the mark stone for BeYonde Ltd to enter the UK flavour industry. This will be the new step for BeYonde Ltd who will provide better service and best products for our clients. In addition, BeYonde Ltd will contribute its own effort to this industry.

Specific market centred

Geographically our focus remains on the Europe and East Asia. We will provide our best knowledge and distributor channels to help our clients to get the firm commitment with buyers in efficient manner.

Fully customer oriented

We will provide personalized service. We can propose a launch plan for variable products to meet any enquires from small to large size company. Our proposal and marketing strategy can be tailored to match any specific demand to satisfy the different size of suppliers /manufacturer in Europe.

Service standard

We aim to process all enquiry from our clients in one day, every different project we are dealing with is operated by our specific expert who had background of specialized knowledge. Our customer service can be guaranteed by our after sale service team.